A downloadable game for Windows

Adopt and name your own virtual pet!

You can adopt a cat, a dog, or a hamster!

At the beginning, you will...

  1. Choose your new pet! Which type do you want to take care of?
  2. Give your pet a name. Your pet's name will appear in game notifications and will appear right above your pet the whole game!
  3. Start to take care of your pet. They have a lot of needs, but it can be done!


  • A thought button. See what your pet is thinking. Thoughts change depending on how your pet is feeling. There are over 50 different thoughts to see!
  • Accessories! Personalize your new pet with accessories from the store.
  • Walks! No one knows what you might find on a walk. Make the correct choice to win items or make your pet happier

There's lots of stuff you can do together!

  • Go out with your pet. Show them off!
  • Take your pet on walks!
  • Go shopping! Buy all kinds of care from dollar store shampoo to a luxurious mineral bath.
  • Buy your pet accessories! 
  • Care for your pet to increase its mood!
  • Level up by being active with your pet.
  • See what your pet is thinking.

*Note: there's no save or load function. There are also some bugs. This isn't a perfect game, but it's free. If you like virtual pet games, this one could be a lot of fun!

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