The Riddle Men Artist's Statement


  • In a chamber in some ancient ruins.
  • Find a book
  • Read book
  • Get sucked in book to a creepy world where you have to answer riddles to escape


  • Make it through the maze of the abyss? Or something like that?
  • Guardians of the doors keep you from progressing
    • Must answer riddles (probably just copy the ones from The Hobbit)
      • Answer Correctly – Get to pass
      • Answer Incorrectly – Lose a toe
      • Interface tells you how many toes you have left to lose
    • 5 correct answers with multiple choice (4 answers, 1 correct)
      • Lose all 5 toes, you lose (can’t walk anymore and get eaten)


  • Creepy weird and warped
  • Mirror of the outside world (environment is photo negative or something)
  • Creepy music (probably just take some normal music and warp it

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