You don't know this man. You have no idea what he's done or why he's here.

All you know is that you've orders to kill him.

But why?

(This is a game that I designed for my class. I didn't get a chance to flesh it out, so it's very short, but I feel like it says what it needs to say.)


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Very very short but I can see the point you were driving for.


what dah fuck do ya mean bruh


Futility, bruh. Sometimes you don't have a choice, bruh.


i still dont know what dah fuck you mean bro

I don't know what I mean most of the time either.




Yeah, that's kind of the point that it always ends the same. Originally when I designed the game I had multiple endings and more story, but the program I made the game in didn't allow me to put everything in it without paying for the full version. :)